We are a couple, Asha and Joshy who have devoted our life to ancient wisdom, especially to Ayurveda and Yoga.       We are giving primary importance to our own sadhana and sharing our knowledge and experience to students.    We are grateful to our teachers, parents, family, friends and students for their loving contributions, either as inspirations or as confrontations to evolve our consciousness to realize the depth of the subject and responsibility of serve in need.

Our students speaks...

  • Vani
    "I am extremely happy to confirm that there is a lot of attention to individual needs in AyurYoga which I believe is extremely critical for the success of any treatment and exercise regime. One of the best parts of the classes is the immediate identification of any discomfort in any of the students and offering immediate relieving practices that can be easily executed even at work."
  • Archana
    "I am blessed to have found Ayuryoga. I strongly believe that any disease can be cured by listening to and taking care of your body and AyurYoga is the most effective tool that helps us achieve this in a natural manner."
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